Lemon Thyme Snapper with Peas


Prep 00:05 Cook 00:15 Makes Serves: 2 Source



Heat one teaspoon of olive oil in a fry pan, add almonds and cook tossing for a couple of minutes. Add garlic, then artichokes, peas and broccoli and cover and sauté for a few minutes to warm through. Place in a bowl and cover to keep warm.

Rub fish with remaining oil, season with thyme, salt and pepper and place in fry pan whilst still warm. Cook for one to three minutes on each side, depending on the thickness.

Toss vegetables with lemon juice and parsley and serve with fish with a squeeze of lemon.


Energy 1652kj Calories 393cal Protein 36g Fibre 16g Fat 14g Saturated Fat 1g Carbs 35g Sugar