Banana & Almond Pancakes with Raspberry Yoghurt


Prep 00:08 Cook 00:05 Makes Serves: 2 makes: 0 Source



Combine the almond meal, protein powder, banana, milk, baking powder and egg yolks in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.

In a separate very clean bowl whisk egg whites to soft peaks and gently fold into the almond meal mixture.

Mash 3/4 of the raspberries and mix with yoghurt, set aside.

Heat a non stick fry pan to warm. Wipe the fry pan with the coconut oil. Pour 2 tablespoons of mixture into pan, and cook for 2 minutes, turn carefully and cook the other side. Continue until all the mixture has been used.

Warning: these pancakes are fragile to make, so take care when turning. The smaller the pancake, the easier they are too cook.

Divide pancakes between two plates, top with a tablespoon of yoghurt, remaining raspberries and scatter over coconut to serve.


Energy 1606.60kj Calories 383.61cal Protein 17.86g Fibre 5.36g Fat 25.71g Saturated Fat 7.69g Carbs 17.94g Sugar